Use of Name and Logo

This page will outline the usage guidelines for the Dorsett Retail Systems (DRS) name and logo.

When referring to Dorsett Retail Systems we ask that you identify it with the first letter of each word capitalised as well as italicized font. We ask that you do not use a cursive font for the display of our name. Please use a block typeface with no monospacing.
We reccomend Arial or Open Sans.

The Dorsett Retail Systems logos can be found here too. We ask that you do not alter these images in any way. You are not permitted to change the colour of these images in any way. Please display all logos at the correct ratio (default) and reference angle (90°) All images are links to vector downloads.

If you require a different style, ratio, or colour of our logo please contact us and we will provide it for you.

Full Colour (Blue Gradient)

Flat (Black)

Flat (White)